Professional development and networking

Upcoming and recorded CPD events

CPD events are facilitated through the following Medical Education Providers:

AMPHeat: Future events


SAPMEA/SALHN GP Collaborative (face to face at Marion Hotel)

A series of 6 evening dinner meetings for GPs to meet the staff specialists, hear the latest updates and their impact on general practice, learn the best way to navigate referrals for common tricky conditions and clinically salient points to look out for, and work together to improve the interface between FMC specialist teams and the surround general practice community.

2023 SALHN GP Clinical Collaborative program:

The sessions are featuring an increasing number of Southern GPs and SALHN clinicians.

2023 Mental Health ECHO (online via Zoom) – Monthly on Wednesdays

Expert panel

  • Dr Adelaide Boylan - General Practitioner, Pro Health Norwood (program facilitator)
  • Dr Joel Pannell - Consultant Psychiatrist, SALHN Outer South Psychosis team
  • Dr Jayde Clark - General Practitioner, Malvern Medical Centre

Guest panelists

  • August: Vanessa Browne - Nurse Practitioner, Aboriginal Mental Health
  • September: Dr Rebecca Hill - Consultant Psychiatrist & Head of Unit at Helen Mayo House
  • October: Dr Michael Page - Consultant Psychiatrist & Head of Unit at the Older Persons Mental Health Service, SALHN
  • November: Dr Randall Long - Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Head of Unit at the Statewide Eating Disorder Service & Head of Unit at the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service. To submit a case or register, please visit Mental Health Echo - Sapmea website.

2023 Frailty ECHO (online via Zoom) - Monthly on Tuesdays

Expert Panel

  • Dr Stephanie Daly – General Practitioner, Sensus Cognition (program facilitator)
  • Dr Chloe Furst - co-HOU, Department of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine, RAH
  • Dr Chris Bollen – GP with Special Interest in Frailty, BMP Consulting
  • Dr Tim Henwood - Southern Cross Care
  • Jackie Kerr - Nurse Unit Manager GITH and IC Geriatric Services, CALHN
  • Mark Dallman - Geriatric Nurse Consultant, CALHN Integrated Care
  • Julie Dundon - Nutrition Professionals Australia
  • Prof Debra Rowett - UniSA - Director of DATIS

To submit a case or register, visit Frailty ECHO Sapmea website.

Clinical networking opportunities

We are working on building opportunities for Southern GPs and SALHN clinicians to connect through collaborative learning and networking. Please let us know if you have specific areas of interest or subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.

Improving patient flow

SALHN has started a program to standardise management of common conditions to improve patient care delivery. Diagnostics including volume and length of stay were used to guide the selection for 12 conditions. The 12 areas of focus are:

  • acute back pain
  • delirium
  • heart failure
  • borderline personality disorder
  • falls and fractures in the elderly
  • palliative care pathway
  • diabetic foot
  • undifferentiated abdominal pain
  • acute paediatric respiratory illness
  • PV bleeding
  • EECU short stay patients
  • alcohol related presentations.

If you would like to be involved in the any of the project groups, please contact Angie Goodrich, Director Continuous Improvement Programs via email

Outpatient Redesign Strategy 2023-2025

The SALHN Strategy team are seeking further opportunities to collaborate with the GP community to continuously improve transparency and communication across the broader health system.

If you would like to get involved in the Outpatient Redesign Strategy or provide your thoughts and ideas, please email