Southern Redevelopment at SALHN - Stage 1

The Government has committed $474 million in funding towards the redevelopment of SALHN. The funding includes three separate initiatives:

  1. $400M State and Commonwealth Government joint funding agreement to upgrade and expand Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) (inclusive of complementary works at the Repat Health Precinct (RHP) and development of a full Business Case to support subsequent future investment in Southern Adelaide
  2. $36M State Election Commitment to deliver a new 24-bed Mental Health Rehabilitation Service at Noarlunga Hospital (as a component of the state’s +72 Metro Mental Health Beds; which includes The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and Modbury Hospital)
  3. $38M State Election Commitment to deliver an additional 24 new Inpatient Beds at Noarlunga Hospital.

The upgrades and new builds at Flinders Medical Centre, Noarlunga Hospital and Repat Health Precinct will provide southern suburbs’ residents with better access to vital healthcare, in turn improving patient flow and reducing pressure on the system.

Stage 1 works

Flinders Medical Centre

  • 136 extra beds (Most of the beds will be single rooms to improve patient privacy and infection control, two-thirds of the beds will be overnight beds and the remaining will be same day beds to meet the needs of more patients)
  • Expansion of Margaret Tobin Centre
  • Increased capacity of the Intensive Care Unit
  • Additional Operating Theatres
  • Increased capacity for emergency and elective surgery
  • Upgrade and expand Medical Imaging Services (Including an additional MRI and CT scanner, and a new PET scanner)
  • A new eye surgery clinic

Noarlunga Hospital

  • 48 new beds including:
    • a new purpose-built $36 million Mental Health Rehabilitation Service with 24 specialist mental health beds for those with high and complex needs
    • a new $38 million 24-bed Inpatient Unit.

Repat Health Precinct

  • 32 beds including:
    • a purpose-designed 26-bed Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) Unit in a refurbished and expanded ward (ward 3 and 4)

    • a newly refurbished 6-bed space for the Complex and Restorative (CARE) Service currently located within the Bangka Strait Ward.

The new bed capacity at the Repat will allow the existing GEM Unit at Flinders Medical Centre to be moved to the Repat