DASSA's Community Partnership Program

A chance to have your say

Would you like to provide a compliment, suggestion or complaint? DASSA has a process for clients, their families and other community members to provide feedback to DASSA. For more information, please read the:

An opportunity to be involved

DASSA values lived experience, and is committed to involving its community (clients, their families and people impacted by alcohol, tobacco or other drug policy) in all matters affecting them. Our Community Partnership Program enables community members to be actively involved in DASSA, and ensures that community perspectives are always considered.

The benefits of being part of the Community Partnership Program include:

  • creating higher quality services
  • being heard regarding experiences
  • creating policies that are more reflective of community concerns
  • a greater ability to have concerns and complaints responded to or acted upon a healthy outlet to share community experiences
  • greater empowerment
  • connection with others who have similar experiences
  • gaining new skills.

How to get involved

To find out more, or be actively involved in DASSA, please contact our Community Partnership Program on 0466 480 811 or at Health.DASSACPP@sa.gov.au

Participants can choose their level of involvement

Options include:

  • joining the Community Participation Register, which means you may be contacted to give your views on a certain issue or be invited to attend a forum
  • being part of a short-term topic-based panel to review publications, information about the safety and quality of services, or provide advice
  • becoming a Community Participant, which could involve attending meetings, presenting at training for staff, or becoming a member of the Community Advisory Council who provide advice to, and make decisions alongside the DASSA Executive Group.

DASSA values the contributions of community members and offers reimbursement payments for time given and out-of-pocket costs, as outlined in the SA Health Sitting Fee Policy.

How to request one of our Community Participants

Are you a worker at an alcohol and other drug service?

Community Participants are available to present their experience, or provide advice to your organisation. If you would like to request a participant, please see our resources, or contact the Community Partnership Program on 0466 480 811.

Resources for community members

Resources for SA Health services/staff, and forms to request a participant