Results & Image Access

SAMIView for External Referrers 

SAMIView is the expansion of the ESMI Vue Motion component to support SA Health clinical staff and external referrers to access medical images and reports, when operating external from the SA Health network.

SAMIView is a web based portal which can only be accessed outside of the SA Health network, most commonly from a user’s personal device.

If you are an external referrer (outside of SA Health), to gain access to SAMIView please complete the External Referrer Access form and e-mail it to

Access the SAMIView online portal.

Please also see the full set up guide (PDF 2.4MB) for external referrers for more information.

If you are already an employee of SA Health but wish to access SAMIView outside on an SA Health network please follow the SAMIView link above and refer to the SA Health employee setup guide (PDF 2.3MB) for more information.  

Other Methods of Electronic Delivery of Reports and Images

Following the patients examination, the images will be reported on by a radiologist. An electronic copy will be sent to the referring practitioner if they are connected with Healthlink or Medinexus.

Healthlink – Access Results through Practice Management System

SAMI uses Healthlink to automatically deliver your patients’ results to your Practice Management System. Once you are set up with Healthlink, SAMI will need to know your Healthlink Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to enable electronic delivery.

Medinexus - Access Results Directly Online

SAMI uses Medinexus by Zed Technologies to allow referrers to access reports and images directly online, anywhere, anytime at your convenience. 

To access the Medinexus portal, log into Medinexus by entering your user name and password.


If you have any enquiries regarding this service please contact your local  SA Medical Imaging branch.