Sport, community group, religious and faith organisation COVID-19 health advice

All organisations that conduct a defined public activity must have a COVID-Safe Plan.

Some defined public activities also require a business to complete contact tracing records.

Visit the SA Government COVID-19 website for Emergency Directions, information and requirements that may be applicable to your organisation, including:


Sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities are defined public activities.

It is important that teams and clubs promote a COVID-safe culture.

Mass participation sports events like fundraising walks/runs, triathlons and group cycling have a higher risk for COVID-19 transmission than many other sport and recreation activities. This is because of:

  • The number of people involved.
  • The difficulty in keeping at a safe physical distance.
  • Complex contact tracing.
  • The potential for wide geographic infection when participants return home following an event.


Community groups

Indoor public meetings and ceremonies are defined public activities.

Community groups wishing to serve food (including BBQs and sausage sizzles) must also comply with required COVID-19 measures for hospitality.


Religious and faith organisations

Indoor public meetings and ceremonies are defined public activities.

Religious leaders and members of the faith community are strongly encouraged to maintain connection to other members, especially those who are isolated.

They are also encouraged, to provide support to those who are vulnerable such as older people or those with a disability during these difficult times.

Leaders are in a unique position as role models to adapt practices to maintain connection in their faith communities while reinforcing these recommendations for a COVID safe recovery.

Advice for Religious and Faith Communities (PDF 131KB) provides advice for religious leaders, faith organisations and communities to reduce the risk of COVID-19 as they continue to practice their faith, offer services and maintain connection with community members.

The Adelaide Choral Network provides advice for people participating in group singing activities such as religious practices and church choirs.