What To Expect At Adelaide Sexual Health Centre

Reception And Waiting

The receptionist will ask you to complete a registration form so we can prepare your file. The form asks for contact details that allow you to be contacted discreetly if required. To keep this information up-to-date, the receptionist may ask you to fill in this form even if you have done so on a previous visit.

If you were referred to Adelaide Sexual Health Centre by a doctor or health service, please give the referral letter to the receptionist.

Doctor Or Nurse Consultation

If you have attended Adelaide Sexual Health Centre with your partner, you'll usually see the doctor or nurse separately. This provides greater confidentiality and enables the doctor to focus on your own specific concerns. The doctor  or nurse will ask questions to find out the cause of your concerns and to decide which tests are needed. Some questions are very personal, but they are needed to decide whether you are at risk for a sexually transmitted infection (STI). We offer tests for all the common STIs to most people.

If required, you will be examined by the doctor. We are a teaching unit and occasionally a visiting health worker may be present, with your permission. Please note that not all clients require an examination.


A check-up may include a physical examination, taking swabs and/or collecting urine, and a blood test. A thorough STI check requires several types of test because many common infections cannot be detected from a blood test alone.


Some results may be available before you leave, the others will be ready in one week. Most results can be delivered by text message, but some times you may be asked to return in person to collect your results. This will be discussed in your consultation. 

We do not give results over the telephone.

Follow-up Visit

You may receive a text asking you to return to discuss your results. In this case you will need to phone to make an appointment, advise the receptionist you need to make a follow up appointment to discuss results.