The Voluntary Assisted Dying Implementation Taskforce provide considered and expert oversight of the voluntary assisted dying implementation process to ensure it is managed with expertise, experience and compassion. 

Members of the Taskforce

The Taskforce consists of experts in end of life advocacy, law, research and clinical practice:  

  • Dr Chris Moy (Chairperson)
  • Ms Carolanne Barkla
  • Dr William Brereton 
  • Dr Michael Briffa
  • Ms Frances Coombe
  • Dr Chloe Furst 
  • Dr Christopher Hocking
  • Dr Roger Hunt
  • Ms Nicolle Jachmann
  • Dr Michaela Okninski
  • Dr Chirag Patel
  • Associate Professor Bernadette Richards
  • Ms Tara Simpson
  • Ms Michele Smith
  • Ms Helen Stone
  • Ms Helen Walker
  • Ms Rosemary Wanganeen

Purpose of the Taskforce

The overarching purpose of the Taskforce is to: 

  • oversee and support the implementation of voluntary assisted dying as set out in the Act 
  • provide expertise, focus and leadership in the development of necessary resources, processes and systems over the period leading up to the commencement of the pathway 
  • provide in-depth, targeted expertise on key deliverables for the implementation of the pathway
  • assure the South Australian community that the implementation of the pathway has been managed with expertise, experience and compassion for the safe operation of voluntary assisted dying. 


The Implementation Taskforce oversaw the development of an operational service model to support medical practitioners and the community to apply for and deliver safe and accessible voluntary assisted dying in South Australia. 

For more information about the workstreams, refer to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Workstream Outline (PDF 314KB).

Taskforce updates

    • thank you to taskforce members
    • South Australian Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator Service
    • workshops, events and presentations
    • about the implementation team.

For more information

For more information on voluntary assisted dying in South Australia: