Priority Care Centres

SA Health and Wellbeing SA, in partnership with the Adelaide Primary Health Network and General Practices, have established four Priority Care Centres across metropolitan Adelaide.

The Priority Care Centres provide community-based healthcare and treatment for eligible patients who would otherwise be seeking a service from an SA Health Emergency Department.

The Centres are led by General Practitioners with additional support from SA Health hospital staff specially trained in acute assessment and care. They also offer a range of other services that can support care and treatment including access to:

  • diagnostic tools such as imaging and pathology
  • pharmacy services
  • community-based health services for follow-up care.

Eligible patients can be identified by an SA Health Emergency Department or SA Ambulance Service clinician, a General Practitioner or through SA Health Local Health Network related community based services.

The patient has the choice to attend a Priority Care Centre with no out of pocket expenses or they can wait for their care to be delivered at an Emergency Department. Presenting patients must provide their Medicare card on arrival to a Priority Care Centre.

Evaluation reports 

In late 2019 Priority Care Centres were initiated as a pilot in partnership with Local Health Networks, SA Ambulance Service and the Adelaide Primary Health Network to test delivery of a community service option for eligible patients who would otherwise be treated at an emergency department. Here is a copy of the evaluation reports

Further information

For more information, download the Priority Care Centres Information Sheet (PDF 146KB) or contact email Wellbeing SA.