Respond To The Mental Health Impacts Of A Disaster

Depending on the type of the disaster, there may be some extra services set up to help the affected communities.

SA.GOV.AU is a central point where you can find information about what disaster recovery is, and how the Department of Human Services (DHS) helps with disaster recovery. It also links people to information on what local relief and recovery arrangements have been put in place during and after a disaster.

Relief Centres

The Emergency Relief Functional Support Group (ERFSG) may open relief centres near the area/s that have been affected by the disaster. Relief centres have a number of different services that provide help with short-term shelter, information and personal support services such as food and temporary accommodation. The Emergency Relief Functional Support Group also reaches out to the community through home visits and phone calls.

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Depending on the type and impact of the disaster, SA Health may engage Red Cross to provide Psychological First Aid and pathways to support for affected communities. It aims to support natural recovery for those affected by:

  • Helping people to feel safe, connected to others, calm and hopeful
  • Helping people to access physical, emotional and social support
  • Helping to manage the initial distress
  • Providing practical and emotional support
  • Providing information and links to other support services.