Volunteer with us

In 1959 a volunteer organisation was introduced at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which later became The Friends of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Friends are a not-for-profit organisation with own constitution and guidelines, with volunteers contributing more than 400 hours a week to the hospital. 

Our motto and mission statement is: "Service to the patients".

Our objectives are:

  • to assist patients, visitors, and staff at the hospital in any manner that they are able
  • provide comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to patients, their relatives and friends
  • raise funds for the purpose of providing additional patient and visitor amenities in the hospital.

We take great pride in raising money, having raised over $2 million dollars that has all gone to purchasing equipment for the hospital.

Volunteers are honoured yearly with a luncheon and an award is given out to the Volunteer of the Year. A special ‘Lifetime membership’ badge is given to those who have completed 15 years of service with The Friends.

Recruitment  Become a volunteer!

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our Friends team.

Mandatory training takes approximately three (3) months and uniforms are supplied.

All applicants must have a Vulnerable Persons Clearance and have vaccinations compulsory for working in a health setting. These are usually given free of charge on a yearly basis.

If you would like to become a volunteer, contact us via email below and we will send you an application pack to fill out and return to us.

Email: wendy.lee@sa.gov.au

What we do

Our volunteers assist in a variety settings around the hospital, including visiting each patient admitted from the Emergency Department to explain how we might assist and providing patient information packs for new arrivals, particularly those who have been unable to prepare properly for their hospital stay.

We also provide bedside visits for people who are alone, may need assistance or anyone who would just like a friendly ear and a chat. 

Further services we offer across the hospital include:


Our volunteers attend the main entrances of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital from 9.00 am 3.00 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00 am 12.00 pm on Friday.

Volunteers help to guide patients, visitors, and people with appointments to where they need to go, helping ease the stress of visiting the hospital.

Emergency department volunteers

Our devoted team of trained volunteers assist staff, and patients, when they enter the emergency department, freeing up staff to attend to all patients within the ED.

Trolley services

Volunteers provide patients with items they might need during their hospital stay and circulate to all wards regularly selling basic toiletries. Ward Clerks can contact The Friends any weekday to request an item if patients are unable to arrange visitors to help them.

A library trolley also goes to the wards supplying books and magazines, colouring books, pencils, and puzzle books. All these items are free of charge.

We also operate a tea and coffee trolley, visiting waiting areas and clinics each morning and afternoon.

Veteran visiting

A member of TPI visits all patients carrying a DVA card 1-2 times a week,  helping where necessary and providing company during hospital stays.


We organise several fundraising events throughout the year, with all proceeds going to the hospital to purchase equipment and amenities for the comfort and treatment of patients.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop has been recently upgraded and is a major source of fundraising.

The shop is staffed by volunteers who sell a wide assortment of goods, including stuffed toys, cards, flower arrangements (both silk and fresh), handmade craft goods and hand knitted baby wear.

Wardrobe and laundry service

We supply free items of clothing to patients who may need clean clothes either during their stay or when leaving hospital. A free laundry service is also offered to patients who have no visitors or are from regional areas.

Sewing group

The sewing group make items for departments in the hospital such as drainage or pump bags, items used for the purpose of calming, such as fidget aprons or mats, and head scarves for the Oncology ward.

Walking service

We offer a service to walk or sit with patients from certain wards. This is always done with at least one nurse in attendance. 

Collation service

We also help with administrative tasks across the hospital, helping staff where possible. 

Contact us

Email: wendy.lee@sa.gov.au
Phone: 08 8222 6443
Fax: 08 8222 7193