COVID Safe activities

Read our tips below to ensure your events and gatherings are held in a COVID Safe way.

For more information on restrictions, visit the COVID-19 website.

Private gatherings

For information about restrictions on private gatherings, visit the Activites and Gatherings page on the COVID-19 website.

Please remember

  • Don’t go to events and gatherings if you, or your children, are sick.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly.
  • Keep your distance (1.5 metres) from people not in your group.

Religious and faith activities

Refer to our sport, community and religious groups web page for advice for religious leaders, faith organisations and communities to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Religious leaders and members of the faith community are strongly encouraged to maintain connection to other members, especially those who are isolated.

For information about density requirements for religious ceremonies, visit the COVID-19 website.

Tips if you are hosting religious events

  • Conduct services remotely/virtually to allow those who cannot attend in person to continue participating.
  • Keep 1.5 metres distance between individuals (this does not apply to family groups).
  • Arrange seating, prayer and other activities in a way that promotes physical distancing.
  • Ensure physical distancing in areas where crowds may gather, such as at entrances or exits of buildings.
  • Offer multiple services at different times to reduce number of attendees at any one service.
  • Host a gathering outdoors if possible, and if not, ensure adequate ventilation indoors.
  • Avoid singing together as a congregation. Consider designating one person, or a very small group of people who can maintain physical distancing.
  • Encourage new forms of greeting that do not involve physical contact.
  • Avoid rituals that involve touching between individuals.


There are steps we can all take to stay COVID Safe at the shops. 

Tips for shopping

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly.
  • Keep 1.5 metres from others not in your group. If you can’t, wear a mask where possible.


Visit the COVID contact tracing page for the latest advice on interstate travel.

Check the government COVID-19 travel restrictions website of the state or territory you are visiting for regular updates. Check the latest advice as you get closer to your intended travel date.

Tips for travelling interstate

  • Do not travel and get tested for COVID-19 if you are sick.
  • If travelling by air, wear a face mask for the whole flight and time at the airport.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while interstate, get tested straight away.
  • Keep 1.5 metres away from others wherever possible.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly.

For more advice visit the Travel to and from South Australia — COVID-19 Safe travel tips page.

Sport and fitness

Refer to our sport, community and religious groups web page for advice for sporting clubs to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Tips to stay COVID Safe at the gym

  • Don’t go if you’re sick
  • Change/shower at home if you can
  • BYO water bottle
  • Minimise touching your face
  • Cover coughs and sneezes in your elbow
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from others
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Wipe down all equipment after use with disinfectant provided
  • Wash your hands at the end of your workout
  • Wipe equipment before and after use
  • Use a towel

Download these tips as a poster: Stay COVID safe at the gym A4 poster (PDF 82KB).

BBQs and sausage sizzles

Community groups wishing to serve food (including BBQs and sausage sizzles) must comply with required COVID-19 measures for hospitality.

Garage sales

Garage sales are permitted in South Australia. There are steps we can all take to ensure they are held in a COVID Safe way.

Tips for visiting a garage sale

  • Don’t go if you are unwell.
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres distance from others.
  • Take hand sanitiser with you and sanitise your hands regularly (particularly if you handle cash).
  • Don’t touch the products for sale – if you have a question, ask the seller.
  • Clean items after purchase.

Tips for holding a garage sale

  • Don’t host a garage sale if you are unwell.
  • Keep your distance from shoppers.
  • Ensure there is space for shoppers to stay at least 1.5 metres from each other. You may need to set a maximum number of people to ensure this can occur (1 per 2sqm as a guide).
  • Encourage people to keep 1.5 metres distance (this may be using distance markers, signage).
  • Clean or disinfect items before you sell them.
  • Provide hand sanitiser for shoppers.
  • Have the price clearly on display so people don’t have to touch the items.