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AHPs Day – 14 October 2019

In our busy lives, we don’t often stop and appreciate the work we do and recognise the difference it brings to people’s lives every day.

This is what AHPs Day is all about, and we invite you to celebrate the work that you do on the 14 October and share that celebration on Twitter to join in the worldwide #AHPsDay movement.

Gather your tribe and celebrate

Here are a few celebratory ideas for you to think about, but feel free to let your imagination run wild and organise something that is meaningful to you.

  • Morning or Afternoon Tea
  • Create your own appreciation/gratitude awards
  • Invite non-AHP and Executive staff to “shadow an AHP for an hour”
  • Coordinate your own flash mob
  • Run a quiz
  • Have a bake-off

The Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO) can help you with ideas and they have produced great resources including a resource pack and poster to help plan your celebration.

Posting your celebration on Twitter

This movement really comes alive on Twitter, both leading up to, and on AHPs Day itself. We encourage you to use your personal Twitter accounts* to post and share information on what you have planned and then on the day with some fun photos of your activity. Please use the following hashtags so we can further share your content:

#AHPsDay     #AHPsDayAUS        #proudtobeAHP        #AHPsDaySAHealth

What is AHPs Day?      

#AHPs Day is an initiative started in the UK by two clinicians to celebrate what we do and why it is valuable. The inaugural event generated huge excitement and traction with over 36 million twitter impressions and close to 18,000 individual tweets. 

*We recognise that this is a general day of celebration, but we ask that when you post content that you are mindful and follow the Employee Use of Social Media Policy

Allied and Scientific Health Office

SA Health has over 4000 allied and scientific health professionals who provide a range of diagnostic, technical and therapeutic services to South Australians.

The Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO), informs, guides and advocates for SA Health's allied and scientific health workforce.

Allied and scientific health professions include:

  • art or music therapy
  • audiology
  • dental therapy
  • epidemiology
  • exercise physiology
  • genetic counselling
  • nuclear medicine technology
  • nutrition and dietetics
  • occupational therapy
  • optometry
  • orthoptics
  • orthotics and prosthetics
  • perfusion
  • pharmacy
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • psychology
  • radiation therapy
  • radiography
  • social work
  • sonography
  • speech pathology.

ASHO provides support as required for the scientific professions such as medical and grant funded scientists and the allied and scientific health assistant workforce.

Allied and Scientific Health Position Statement

The Allied and Scientific Health Position Statement (PDF 371KB) outlines four key domains through which the allied and scientific health professions contribute to the health of South Australians, and highlights the role of the ASHO in supporting and advocating for these professions.

This position statement can be utilised to support communication with a range of stakeholders, to promote an understanding of the role of allied and scientific health professions and the value contributed by this group of professions.

Contact us

Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO)
Office for Professional Leadership, SA Health

Postal address: 11 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000


Telephone: (08) 8226 6406

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