Our purpose

Keeping South Australians in good health.

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in health reform, public health services, health and medical research, policy development and planning, with an increased focus on wellbeing, illness prevention, early intervention, and quality care.

Our values

We are committed to the values of integrity, respect and accountability.
We value care, excellence, innovation, creativity, leadership and equity in health care provision and health outcomes.

We demonstrate our values in our interactions with others in SA Health, the community, and those for whom we care.

Our vision

South Australians experience the best health in Australia.

We can achieve this vision by individuals, families, our staff, other health providers and government or non-government agencies working together.

To achieve this we will work to:

  • prevent chronic disease, communicable disease and injury, and prevent exacerbation of established chronic disease
  • partner with individuals, families and communities to enhance their health and wellbeing
  • support individuals and their families through recovery
  • create healthier neighbourhoods and communities
  • respond when needed to manage acute conditions and injuries
  • assist individuals and families to adapt to changes in their health and wellbeing over time, including at end of life
  • protect against public and environmental health risks and adapt to climate change.

For more information, see the South Australian Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020 – 2025.

Our mission

SA Health will lead and deliver a comprehensive and sustainable health system that aims to ensure healthier, longer and better lives for all South Australians.

We will achieve our aims by:

  • strengthening primary health care
  • enhancing hospital care
  • reforming mental health care
  • improving the health of Aboriginal people
  • committing to a health system that produces positive health outcomes by focusing on health promotion, illness prevention and early intervention.

We will work with other government agencies and the community to address the environmental, socioeconomic, biological and behavioural determinants of health and to achieve equitable health outcomes for all South Australians.

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