SALHN Research Week

SALHN Research Week is an opportunity to showcase SALHN’s excellence in enquiry and research, alongside key partners such as Flinders University and Flinders Foundation.

We are currently planning for 2022 and welcome expressions of interest from people who would like to present. A formal call for abstracts will go out later in 2022 along with a formal announcement regarding dates and other key information for SALHN Research Week 2022. For further information please contact

The objectives of Research Week are to:

  • Increase awareness of research and enquiry activity across SALHN
  • Provide an opportunity to recognise research excellence
  • Promote collaboration with existing and emerging partners
  • Increase staff and consumer engagement with research and enquiry across SALHN

The theme for Research Week 2021 was based on the SALHN Four Fields of Enquiry, with a day being dedicated to each of the Four Fields: Discovery Science, Clinical Trials, Health Services Research and Continuous Improvement / Implementation Science.

The Four Fields of Enquiry aims to drive a culture of questioning and capability in research and continuous improvement at SALHN through an enquiry framework.

2021 Research Week Presentation winners

Congratulations to the paper and poster presentation winners!

Discovery Science

  • Nigel Kelley, Corporate Services (Biomedical Engineering), SALHN
    Poster Presentation: “Development of a portable sub-sensory electrical noise stimulation device to enhance somatosensation via stochastic resonance”
  • Dr Minh-Son To, Division of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine, SALHN
    Paper Presentation: “Opportunistic detection of osteoporosis on chest radiographs with deep learning”

Clinical Trials

  • Kathryn Tiver, Division of Medicine, Cardiac and Critical Care, SALHN
    Poster Presentation: Accuracy of highly limited echocardiographic screening images for determining a structurally normal health; The Quick-Six Study”
  • Dr Tamina Levy, Division of Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Palliative Care
    Paper Presentation: “Effect of additional rehabilitation after Botulinum Toxin-A on upper limb activity in chronic stroke: the intense trial”

Health Services Research

  • Dr Sumudu Narayana, Division of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine, SALHN / Aboriginal Health Council
    Poster Presentation: “Quality measures for Hepatitis B in a remote Australian Aboriginal community”
  • Dr Damien Kearney, Division of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine and Division of Medicine, Cardiac and Critical Care
    Paper Presentation: “Text messaged online survey for tracking of opioid consumption post-discharge after surgery – a cost and time efficient method”

Continuous Improvement / Implementation Science

  • Elizabeth Kapur and Amy Brown, Division of Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Palliative Care, SALHN
    Poster Presentation: “Development of a web-based patient centred Gastronomy Feeding Application for patients with Motor Neurone Disease”
  • Heather Block, Allied Health, SALHN
    Paper Presentation: Implementing a behaviour management approach in the hospital setting for individuals with challenging behaviours during acute traumatic brain injury”

Contact details

For more information, contact the Office for Research.

Ph:  (08) 8204 6061