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Draft operational guidelines and structure for community clinical rehabilitation services in the CALHN Mental Health Clinical Program

The Clinical Rehabilitation Services Model of Care (MoC) (PDF 905KB) sets out in broad terms the aspirations, intent and foundation of the service, defining its vision and mission and the underpinning principles. It describes the intended nature of the service, the approach to service delivery and who the service is intended to support. It also discusses access to the service with the intention of reinforcing an approach of minimising barriers, promoting inclusion not exclusion, of timely introduction of rehabilitative input and recognition of the breadth of factors that impact on a person’s recovery from mental illness and the fundamental importance of addressing those.

The Draft Community Clinical Rehabilitation Services Operational Guidelines and Structure provides detail on how mental health services plan to achieve these aspirations specifically in the community. The guidelines:

  • describe in more detail the services provided and how these are prioritised
  • identify the frameworks and approaches, that guide the implementation of the MoC
  • describe how it will be organised and how it will demonstrate its outcomes and be accountable to the Mental Health Clinical Program as a whole
  • outline the processes involved including access, entry and referral; assessment; planning; delivery; review and transfer of care
  • acknowledge the current development work of the Community Mental Health Redesign process across CALHN.

The operational guidelines and structure have evolved through a local consultation process with staff, consumers and carers. Significant work has been undertaken by the Task Group for Rehabilitation Services including the development of a range of tools and resources.

Consultation on the Draft Operational Guidelines and Structure (PDF 897KB) and Consultation Paper (PDF 291KB) is now open.

Feedback should be emailed to by 5.00pm on 21 January 2020.

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