Winter wellness

Most South Australian households are well prepared for the challenges presented by a long, hot summer. However we’re often unaware of, and unprepared for, the dangers that winter presents to our health.

In 2017, South Australia suffered a severe flu season - over 28,000 South Australians were diagnosed with the flu and 124 people died of complications from the illness.

Staying well in winter importantly includes getting the flu vaccine and you can also follow our #WinterWellness tips to protect yourself and your family this flu season. 

Stop the Spread

Flu stops with you - Protect yourself and those around you.

Protect yourself and those around you this winter

Staying well in winter is about getting vaccinated and also following the WinterWellness tips. Get #WinterWellness tips here.

Winter safety

Electric blankets, gas heaters and blackouts are all dangers this time of year. Winter-proof your house and keep your family safe.

Protecting the vulnerable this winter

For some vulnerable groups winter can be dangerous. Find out how to protect the elderly, people with chronic conditions and children this winter.